Reputation Management Tips For The Online Marketing Professional

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Whether you are an online marketing executive or an entrepreneur, reputation management is critical to networking success. People in search of an online marketing specialist will research your virtual presence before they even pick up the phone.

Safeguarding your online reputation may seem like a daunting task, but we’ve compiled a few quick tips to help manage your online reputation for networking success.

Social media personal and business profiles should be kept separate

Seeing personal check-in posts or tweets from professional connections on a LinkedIn profile can indicate a less than savvy networker. People do not enjoy seeing personal status updates on social networks designed for professionals, no matter how much you think it “rounds you out” as a person. Practice good online reputation management skills by refraining from connecting your personal and business social media profiles.

How search results affect your professional image

Would it be helpful to know if someone who just so happens to share your name has been on the public police blotter? What if they work in a not so professional industry? Name and location matches happens more often than you think when “Googling” a professional colleague. Knowing what the search results are for your name helps guard your professional online reputation in case there is ever a question. As much as we hope this situation won’t happen to you, the online marketing wizard, it just might. It’s better to be proactive, than reactive when the prospect of closing a sale depends upon your response.

Use your LinkedIn professional networking profile as a reputation management tool

LinkedIn can be described as a 24/7 professional networking event, helping you to virtually connect with your ideal customer or client with the click of a mouse. LinkedIn also affords you the opportunity to manage your online reputation with thorough and complete profile information. Be a good steward of this online networking tool by completing your profile and using targeted keywords in your headline and summary. This will assist prospects when searching for the most up-to-date and relevant information about you, the online marketing professional. Hint: Including a recent professional photo in your profile helps potential clients recognize you when you meet them offline.

Your online reputation DOES affect how others view you as an online marketing professional. By putting a few of the above mentioned reputation management tips into action, you can avoid a reputation management crisis before it happens. You will be pleased with the virtual reflection on your company and yourself.

6 thoughts on “Reputation Management Tips For The Online Marketing Professional

  1. Lou Gamble

    well, am collecting information to write a book chapter on professional reputation monitoring and protection to precede the chapter on reputation development you so graciously proofed for me

  2. Dale

    I admit I’m a violator of this rule. In my defense, I unwittingly mixed my personal Tweets with my business Facebook profile. Let me explain. I adjusted my business’ Facebook profile settings and enabled / activated a new feature that posts your tweets to your Facebook timeline. Since I used the same business email address on my Twitter for personal reasons (Big Mistake using the same email address), my personal Tweets appeared on FB timeline.

  3. Mariah

    I do know that most marketing and PR people encourage business owners to take a closer look at their online brand to determine whether their company is being represented well within the search engines. And if you do, you might be surprised by what you find out people are writing about you, and what the overall perception is in cyberspace.

  4. Michael

    I totally agree and understand the principle of keeping personal and professional social media profiles separated. The question I have is how? Is it by simply using a different email address for Facebook profiles? I ask this because I am a bit confused about how a fan page differs from a standard personal profile? Should you create a Facebook fan page for businesses or can that account also be a standard profile?

    1. FFG Blogger

      Hi Michael- Great question. Facebook’s terms of use strongly suggest NOT to use personal profiles for business. This includes if you are a realtor, independent sales rep, massage therapist or other personal service profession. This is why Facebook created business pages. If you are promoting a business in any way, you should develop a business page. If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to chat with you offline. We are here to help!


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